A Path Less Travelled

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I think one of the main reasons why I love fenris is because he speaks arcanum and it’s really close to Latin u w u

You mean Tevene/Tevinter? http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Tevinter_Imperium#Imperial_language

Not sure why the fandom thinks it’s called Arcanum. 

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if you headcanon fenris as cis

please tell me why you believe he is cis without being transphobic or cissexist

I have roleplayed Fenris a lot. I played him in one roleplay where there was 100k words and am currently in another where we’ve gone over a million. I roleplay him in both as cis. If there was a possibility of him being trans in Thedas then I could see him being one but with a lot of complication. If there was a way someone in that world could become trans, I dare say Fenris wouldn’t gain access to it without a lot of struggle.

Firstly he’s a former slave so he’s not exactly carrying a lot of money. He’d be the type to steal, work on bare minimum. I imagine if there was a way to alter his body that he probably wouldn’t be able to afford it. Not to mention, if you read the short story of Fenris by David Gaider, it’s basically implied Fenris is alone. His contacts with people are minimal, and anyone who shows him kindness usually only does it out of their own benefit. He mentions that few people have helped him beyond their own reasoning, and for him to be able to gain such an operation he’d need contacts, people he can trust enough to be able to perform it. 

Fenris also has an aversion to magic so I imagine if the operation contained such magic then he’d probably be fearful of it and wouldn’t trust it. I remember reading somewhere a few people implied Danarius might have done it for him and I just can’t see that happening either. Fenris wasn’t Danarius’ only slave. Danarius owned many and it just so happened to be that Fenris was his favourite. Slaves in the Imperium have their own ranks, from the lowliest furniture to elite guards like Fenris was. But even so, he was still a slave and I imagine Danarius wouldn’t have bothered to pursue his interests if he found out Fenris didn’t see himself as cis.

Fenris to him was his little wolf, his body guard. The only duties a slave has is the concerns of their master and nothing more. Fenris would have been considered selfish I imagine if he dared mention anything about himself, and may have even been punished for it. Basically my reply is not answering your request as to why I believe he is cis, but moreso trying to highlight that if he was trans that it would be difficult for him because he lacks money, contacts and even power to basically embrace a form he’d be more comfortable with. If he ever was trans, I daresay that he’d most likely be stuck with the body he has and whether he could come to terms with it or not, I don’t know.