A Path Less Travelled

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Kindred Spirits, a roleplay based M!Hawke x Fenris fanfic | FanFiction

"Mages like Quintus turned to blood magic for the sake of their love. They turned to blood magic because they cannot bear the guilt and the sadness that comes with parting. It is at this point that the emotion loses all semblance of its original state and is instead regressed into its more banal form, selfishness."

A roleplay based fanfic between me and Limonesnake on the elysium yaoi roleplay forums, filled with delicious angst, jealousy and turmoil. It is a story that follows Hawke’s rise to Champion while dealing with a certain broody elf who struggles to come to terms with his both his past and his feelings for the mage that changed it all.

Seme/Dominant Fenris & Uke/Submissive Hawke

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